Columbus Streetcar - Transit Columbus

Traxler Tees

Want mass transit in Columbus? We have an antidote for all those transit loving, people moving, walkable city evangelists. A tee-shirt. Yup. Inspired by the Columbus Underground April Fools $25 donation kickback. 80% of proceeds from the tee-shirt purchase goes to support Transit Columbus' work toward a better connected Columbus.


Available for Pickup at the Transit Columbus Pick-up Event, hosted by Forge Columbus, on June 15thUSE CODE LOCAL-PICKUP for free shipping and to pick up at the event. If you do not make it to the event you will pick up at Traxler Custom Printing 3029 Silver Drive Columbus Ohio 43224
All other orders will ship out after the event if shipping is required or Available for Pick-up at Traxler Custom Printing

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