About Us


Traxler Tees exists to champion the coexistence of interests, ideas, and expressions from all over Ohio.

We put ourselves forward and embrace those willing to embrace our hearts and minds in return.

We are local, create local, and support local as we live and breathe.

By hosting your brand on TraxlerTees.com, you are making a commitment to grow your brand among your colleagues, neighbors, and community.

We are not “stuck in Ohio”, we are Ohio.

By choosing Traxler Tees, you take pride in what you wear.
We roll up our sleeves to deliver what you need when you need it.
At Traxler Custom Printing we work together and provide our expertise with our clients or solo to deliver you the most comfortable - quality screen printed - apparel possible.
We look forward to sharing our craft with your vision.

Join our (r)evolution.

Live Local. Live Ohio.