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On Saturday March 3rd 2018 Myles D. Dawson passed away. Myles was one of the most energetic and alive beings to ever grace us with his presence.

Our CEO & Founder Zachary Traxler became very close with Myles in 2017. Every morning Myles, Ryan and Zach would work out together. They were companions in the Warrior Program and became close through work.

On November 15th 2017 Myles and Zach met for the first time to discuss Myles' potential brand, Prodigy Apparel. Instead of creating this brand, Myles and Zach joined with GSD Media Group in Columbus, Ohio and began working together on other projects for various clients and brands. Prodigy was set on the back burner for release at a future time and date. 

To honor Myles' drive and mission with the brand, Traxler Printing and Zachary Traxler are releasing the brand to raise awareness for our nation's opioid crisis. Something personal to both Myles and Zach as they were both recovering addicts. 

100% of the proceeds from this campaign will be donated in Myles' honor to Impact60.org on a quarterly basis indefinitely. 

About IMPACT60:

Ohio, along with the rest of the nation, is currently facing an unprecedented opiate epidemic. Deaths due to overdose puts Ohio in the top-five of states losing the battle.  Over 4,050 Ohio lives ended in 2016.  With drug abuse and crime directly related, the only way to mitigate these negative outcomes is to become part of the solution. IMPACT60 and its associates support programs designed to do just that—become part of the positive IMPACT. More information can be found at impact60.org

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