Twinpreneurs Building Separate, Successful Businesses -

by Alex Rosa May 03, 2016

“No, that’s my brother” is a phrase Zach and Alex Traxler find themselves saying often – often enough that it required a website and an explanation. That’s what happens when you’re identical twins with two separate, thriving businesses.

Let’s just clear this up right away: Zach is in the apparel business as the founder of Traxler Custom Printing. Alex is in the business of fabrication as creator of Griffen Hollow Studio. After many a Facebook message, a few awkward stare downs at the grocery store, and at least one encounter that involved a drivers license to, in fact, prove they are two separate people, was hatched.

“We created as kind of a clear and concise place to send people,” Zach says.

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Alex Rosa
Alex Rosa