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File Preparation

How To Prepare Your Files For Print

Every order starts somewhere. If you don’t have a design and would like Traxler Tees to create one for you, please contact us now. For clients with existing or almost complete designs, please make sure they meet our requirements to avoid additional art fees.

Feel free to use our templates for assistance.

Preferred file formats:

  • Working file format: .psd, .eps, .ai, .pdf (working layers)
  • 200-300dpi to size (300dpi preferred)
  • Design to size (example: if you want your design printed at 8″ wide, design it at 8″ wide)
  • If file is larger than 20MB, please use service like DropBox or Google Drive to share.
  • Need a Drop Box account? Click Here. It’s Free.

Contact us if you need further assistance!