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Silk Screening – Competitive Pricing


Traxler Tees (Traxler Custom T-Shirts) is a Columbus, Ohio based silk screening shop. We are a traditional silk screen shop that still makes every t shirt by hand.

If you are looking to silk screen a poster, t shirt, or another medium, we can help. We try to use the most environmentally friendly silk screening inks and solvents. This can be more expensive but our environment is priceless.

Another focus of our silk screening business is local. Keep it local. It’s plastered all over this site and any event we attend, “Buy Local, Buy Ohio”.

All of our silk screening equipment, silk screening supplies, and clothing are purchased right here in Ohio from Ohio companies. Keeping the money in our community.

So before you use a big box internet silk screening company, ask us how we can help. We have very competitive pricing.

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