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Google+ Invites – Get A Google Plus Invite

Thanks to our savvy internet followers we got a Google+ account and we do have invites. If you follow us on Twitter, we will follow you back. Send us your email address via a direct message on Twitter and we will send you an invite. It sounds like a pain but we don’t want to risk you getting spammed by leaving your email address in a comment.

Thanks and see you on the Plus side ;) Oh and forgot to mention – use the social media buttons to share this post for a better chance at an invite!

UPDATE: Google has turned off our invites to Google+. That however does not mean you are out of luck! Please continue to follow us or become a follower an we’ll announce the next round of invites.

If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment, Liking this post on Facebook, sharing it with your followers on Twitter, or giving us a +1 in Google.

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